Highlights: The Series

There’s a new type of post: Highlights! Set up a bit different than regular posts, ‘Highlights’ break down a large topic into more manageable outline items. Instead on focusing on one subject per post, each outline item will cover a takeaway from a larger topic, event, or conference.

We have toyed with the idea before, but it never seemed to fit with what we wanted to talk about. However, in light of COP26 (and the huge amount of things that have come with it already), we thought it would be the perfect way to cover a lot of information while keeping to a quick post. We sadly can’t cover the entire conference and what each pledge means for the world (as there are just too many), but by getting the major takeaways out there, we hope to give you a basic understanding of everything that comes out of the conference, and maybe even spark an interest to do more digging into the conference itself!

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