Hello Omaha: The Dirty ‘C’ Word (Climate)

Over the next couple of weeks, the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) has several pitstops around the state scheduled to collect public input on a state-level Climate Action Plan. On January 31st, we made our way to North Platte for the first of these meetings and see just how things might play out.… Continue reading Hello Omaha: The Dirty ‘C’ Word (Climate)

2023 Wrapped

Aaaand that’s a wrap on 2023! It flew by, likely just because we were so gosh-darn busy (few to no complaints about it though)! We’re happy with all of the things we accomplished, but we’re even more excited for what 2024 holds for us. So without further ado: here’s our year in review, including our… Continue reading 2023 Wrapped

Sustainability vs. Perfectionism

I started writing this with the intention of making a simple “what I’m thankful for” Thanksgiving blog post (cute, right?) – but as I started writing, I realized there were some things I had to cover first. They tie in pretty nicely with the gratitude-bit, but they’re also things that (I’m sure) apply to almost… Continue reading Sustainability vs. Perfectionism

My Plastic Free July (2023)

As someone who has a deep love for the environment and our wildlife, I always get excited to take on the Plastic Free July challenge. This year felt a little different thanks to our sticker collaboration with the wonderful people at the Plastic Free Foundation, but I felt as driven as ever. I’ve gotten back… Continue reading My Plastic Free July (2023)

Four years, but this year…

It’s important to reflect every once in a while. For me (Sammy here), that comes around each year on what I like to call Pixel Day (the anniversary of the first Pixel Planet Today post). Four short years ago (or long, depending on how you look at it), I started a small project that would… Continue reading Four years, but this year…

Plastic Free July: What it is, what it isn’t

Plastic Free July starts tomorrow (yes, tomorrow)! As the eco-conscious summertime celebration rolls in, we thought we’d share what it means for us, as well as some do’s and don’ts to make it as successful as possible. It’s a great way to cut plastic out of your life, but there are some things to keep… Continue reading Plastic Free July: What it is, what it isn’t

The Loopholes of “Recyclable, Reusable, or Compostable” Packaging Promises

As a society, we have a huge responsibility for what happens to our planet. Carbon emissions, habitat destruction, and biodiversity loss are big issues we’ve created, but so too is the plastic crisis. Recycling has been the default way to reduce the impacts of our packaging, but recently that message has changed to “recyclable, reusable,… Continue reading The Loopholes of “Recyclable, Reusable, or Compostable” Packaging Promises

Hello Omaha: The Benefits of a Streetcar

The United States is infamous for its lack of public transportation options, despite its ability to cut commute times, traffic congestion, and of course, carbon emissions. Americans love their cars, but in metropolitan areas, the growing calls for better public transportation are getting too big to ignore. In our home city of Omaha, a feeble… Continue reading Hello Omaha: The Benefits of a Streetcar

A Can of Soup

What does the climate crisis, a Van Gogh painting, and a can of tomato soup have in common? Except for being the opening to a funny joke we’ve never heard – not much. That is, until a couple of days ago, when the organization Just Stop Oil organized a protest unlike anything you’ve probably ever… Continue reading A Can of Soup