We’re on Bored Panda!

For Post 1000, I submitted some past Pixel artwork to Bored Panda, and I’m super excited to say that it was approved and published earlier today! I’m so honored to see the project highlighted on a website like this, and I’m excited to see what is yet to come. If you’d like to check out… Continue reading We’re on Bored Panda!

Post 1000: Big News, Big Feelings

1000 days of pixel posts. Not back-to-back, mind you (we made it 760 days nonstop before dealing with insane flooding, give me a break), but still a huge, huge milestone for the project, nonetheless. It’s emotional, for sure, but we’ll get to that. First comes what’s new with the project! 😊🌎 PROJECT VS. BUSINESS Up… Continue reading Post 1000: Big News, Big Feelings