2023 Wrapped

Aaaand that’s a wrap on 2023! It flew by, likely just because we were so gosh-darn busy (few to no complaints about it though)! We’re happy with all of the things we accomplished, but we’re even more excited for what 2024 holds for us. So without further ado: here’s our year in review, including our… Continue reading 2023 Wrapped

Three Cheers for Three Years

Three years ago, I (Sammy here, hello) set out to create one pixel design a day to pair with a fact about the planet. Not because I had to for work, a school project, or anything else – but because I wanted to. I wanted to make a difference in the world, and I figured… Continue reading Three Cheers for Three Years

Post 1000: Big News, Big Feelings

1000 days of pixel posts. Not back-to-back, mind you (we made it 760 days nonstop before dealing with insane flooding, give me a break), but still a huge, huge milestone for the project, nonetheless. It’s emotional, for sure, but we’ll get to that. First comes what’s new with the project! 😊🌎 PROJECT VS. BUSINESS Up… Continue reading Post 1000: Big News, Big Feelings

Hello, Giphy!

Exciting news: We’ve been approved for a Giphy Creator Account, so expect to find Pixel Planet Today gifs everywhere you use Giphy! All the animated posts (previously only available on Instagram) will now have another home on the Pixel Planet Today Giphy Channel. I will also be creating some Giphy stickers that can be used… Continue reading Hello, Giphy!

The Wave

Guys! The wonderful people at the Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbor asked me a little while back if I would create a magazine spread for their upcoming issue of WAVE Magazine! The issue was to focus on β€˜Waste’, so they thought it would be cool if I used one of my past posts to create… Continue reading The Wave