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After a much-longer-than-anticipated hiatus, I’m so so happy to finally announce that we’re back! I can’t lie, it’s been a really hard few weeks, but I’m so excited to be getting back to the project that helped me find my calling. I was initially planning on getting back into daily posts today, but instead, I decided I needed a day to thank everyone that has supported me and the project. I was nervous about leaving the project and breaking the streak (just to deal with the damage left from the flooding), but everyone’s support really helped carry me through. This project and the future of it means the world to me, so to see everyone care so much about how things were/are going – it has been incredibly touching, to say the least.

In other news (wipes eyes, “I’m not crying, you are”), there have been some project updates in the works for some time – and since we’re coming back with a ‘fresh start’, we felt it was the perfect time to implement some of them. So without further ado, here’s what you can expect from the project moving forward:


We’ve had a lot of behind-the-scenes updates recently, which has highlighted a major flaw in how the Instagram account is set up. Project updates are really only shared through Stories, on Facebook, and through Pixel Anniversary posts – leaving most followers unaware of what’s actually going on. So, we’ve decided to post project updates on Instagram as well. The focus is still on daily posts, but if there’s something worth sharing, we might add additional slides to highlight the news. Instagram captions aren’t built for sharing tons of news though, so the bite size updates will be expanded on in blog posts (more on that later) and in the quarterly newsletter.


For a while, we weren’t quite sure what made sense to be a Series or just a type of post, but now we have some concrete direction: Series will be different formats of posts, not different categories of posts. What does that mean, I hear you asking? If the information is brought to you in a different way, it’ll be a different Series. So while some Series like Virtual Vacay and Vote2020 will be decommissioned, others like Quick Fact and Super News are here to stay.


On that note, we’re starting 2 new Series: $ponsored and Guest Post! Sponsored posts are something we’re experimenting with, but would love to include on the project (not all the time, just every once in awhile). Guest posts, however, are going to be a part of the project that’s here to stay. This first month back, we got tons of guest posters lined up (we’re so excited!), but after this initial month, we’ll move to having one guest poster a week. So if you’re interested, reach out! We love working with other people, accounts, non-profits, and other businesses 😊


There’s an actual blog now! No more of that blog-is-just-a-Tumblr – you can now go to blog.pixelplanettoday.com to read past and future blog posts. I’ll be announcing when new blog posts come out on social media, but these types of posts will be outside of the daily postings. More in depth looks on environmental issues covered in posts, updates on the project, and even behind-the-scenes on how the project is made – the blog will have a lot more flexibility on types of posts.


While posts will still come everyday, we’ll be taking a break for three days after every quarterly newsletter. If you’re not signed up for them yet, make sure you do (I like to include little freebies in them for you guys 😉).


Since the project is now operating on a not-exactly-everyday schedule, the terminology is changing from “Day 365” to “Post 365”. Minor change, but I think it will describe the project better.


Some of you asked if there was a GoFundMe to cover damages from the flood – and while again, I am so touched by everyone’s kindness – it doesn’t feel quite right to ask for money for my personal gain (I’m not wealthy in the slightest, but you’ve all done so much for me already ❤️). If you’d like to support the project, you can either donate or purchase stickers from the online store, but the funds will be kept solely for improving the project.

That’s all we got for updates, so we’ll see you tomorrow for regularly scheduled programming. ❤️🌎

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