Things on the Way

We have exciting news! A new Series is on the way this month, another next month, but then a big announcement on Day 600 (keep an eye out).

Black Lives Matter

I hope this isn’t the first you’re hearing about it, but this month is Black History Month! To celebrate, we’re going to be posting about points in time where Black history coincided with science breakthroughs, conservation developments, and scientific advancements.

Location, location, location!

In light of quarantines and social distancing and cold weather, it’s the new normal to have cabin fever. We all just need a vacation, but until you can actually do it safely, you’ll have to vicariously live through pictures and videos from the Internet. That’s why starting in March, we will be kicking off the new series ‘Virtual Vacation’, which will focus on amazing areas from around the world. Biodiversity hotspots, areas ripe with conservation movements, and habitats like no other, we’ll be exploring all the planet has to offer, right from your couch (or bed, or wherever you decide to view from).

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