An Environmental Look at the First Presidential Debate

Our focus is environmentalism, not politics. But oftentimes (like last night’s first U.S. presidential debate), there is quite a bit of overlap. We highly encourage people to watch the debate for themselves and fact check both sides, but here are our biggest environmental takeaways: Time is of the essence. 🌎 Climate change is one of… Continue reading An Environmental Look at the First Presidential Debate

My Plastic Free July (2023)

As someone who has a deep love for the environment and our wildlife, I always get excited to take on the Plastic Free July challenge. This year felt a little different thanks to our sticker collaboration with the wonderful people at the Plastic Free Foundation, but I felt as driven as ever. I’ve gotten back… Continue reading My Plastic Free July (2023)

A Can of Soup

What does the climate crisis, a Van Gogh painting, and a can of tomato soup have in common? Except for being the opening to a funny joke we’ve never heard – not much. That is, until a couple of days ago, when the organization Just Stop Oil organized a protest unlike anything you’ve probably ever… Continue reading A Can of Soup