Things on the Way

We have exciting news! A new Series is on the way this month, another next month, but then a big announcement on Day 600 (keep an eye out). Black Lives Matter I hope this isn’t the first you’re hearing about it, but this month is Black History Month! To celebrate, we’re going to be posting… Continue reading Things on the Way

Super News!

I’d like to introduce a new Series for the project, called Super News! Times are rough (couldn’t leave all bad things back in 2020 I guess), so the idea is to focus on pieces of good news at the beginning of the week to end the weekend on a good note, and help mitigate some… Continue reading Super News!

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, and I have quite a few people I would like to thank for making this project possible. Even though I made the decision to start this project on my own and do (mostly) everything myself, I couldn’t do it without so many of you. Roll credits! I first want… Continue reading Giving Thanks

Hello, Giphy!

Exciting news: We’ve been approved for a Giphy Creator Account, so expect to find Pixel Planet Today gifs everywhere you use Giphy! All the animated posts (previously only available on Instagram) will now have another home on the Pixel Planet Today Giphy Channel. I will also be creating some Giphy stickers that can be used… Continue reading Hello, Giphy!

The Wave

Guys! The wonderful people at the Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbor asked me a little while back if I would create a magazine spread for their upcoming issue of WAVE Magazine! The issue was to focus on ‘Waste’, so they thought it would be cool if I used one of my past posts to create… Continue reading The Wave

The First Year

When I started this pixel journey last year, I didn’t know what to expect. I had seen so many other artists’ embark on these Design 365 challenges where they create a piece of art everyday for a year, that I knew it was something I wanted to do. But for the longest time, it was… Continue reading The First Year